WW1 Uncut Rap Battle, BBC iPlayer

Who caused WW1?

A Rap Battle of history featuring Queen Victoria’s three grandsons King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Tsar Nicolas II, as well as General Joffre, Gavrilo Princip and Emperor Franz-Josef.

A ground-breaking commission by Ballista Media for BBC’s iPlayer, part of the first series designed exclusively for the BBC’s online platform. The crown jewel of the series, this production has already garnered over 2 million plays on youtube.

Edited with Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC, the rap music video made full of use of the non-linear editing programme’s unique ability to handle native media and benefited immensely from the software’s multicam editing options.

Cinematography, Editing, Motion Graphics and Digital Colour Grading 

Production: Ballista Media

Post-Production: Read Productions

Client: BBC

© Ballista Media


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