About Us

William H.W. Read

Senior Colourist William H.W. Read (Will Read) is a creative and technical filmmaker, specialized in post-production. His work as a colourist spans the very best of music films, commercials, TV series and cinema. Regular clients include the world’s major broadcast and media organizations.

With an education in arts and film, and a special interest in photography, Will Read frequently works as a director of photography and has produced and directed short films and commercials.

He owns and runs Read Productions.


Perrine Wettstein

Swiss born film editor and artist, Perrine Wettstein originates from a fine art background. She has contributed to various films, as an editor and creative director. She has worked for some of London’s best media agencies in TV and cinema. She has been working with William H.W. Read as a production coordinator for many years.

Perrine Wettstein has a rich artistic practice ranging from painting to music, with knowledge in graphic design that has enabled her to combine the best of these worlds.