Press & Talks

July 2014, Adobe Premiere for broadcast editors at ITV studios

In the process of modernizing ITV, the decision was made to use the Adobe Creative Suit throughout the company. Many editors still work with Avid, and the purpose of this talk was to introduce them to Premiere Pro and to demonstrate its benefits.

6 February 2014, Adobe Webinar, Crafting the perfect image: From camera to color grading

This talk covered the following:

  • Moving beyond online/offline to simplify your workflow
  • Best practices for organizing a video project
  • Using Direct Link in an integrated editing/grading solution
  • An introduction to the SpeedGrade CC color tools

21 November 2013, Munich, Adobe SpeedGrade 10th Anniversary Talk

William H.W. Read was invited to talk in Munich to mark SpeedGrade’s 10th anniversary. As a long term SpeedGrade user, Will showcased his work in broadcast and promos and demonstrated the latest version of the software. The show was held at Arri’s headquarters in Munich, in their private cinema.

November 2013, Pro Video Coalition Article, Will Read: An Integrated Approach to Filmmaking by Eric Philpott

An article about William H.W. Read’s choice of the Creative Suite as a filmmaker, and the use of Premiere, Speedgrade and Audition in his studio.

11 September 2013, REDucation, Pinewood Studios, SpeedGrade and color grading

Invited by RED to talk about SpeedGrade and colour grading at REDucation at Pinewood Studios, during an afternoon on post-production for students at REDucation.