Ultimatum, Teaser

The Bomb.

A full services commercial for HYP Video and Random House to showcase bestselling author Simon Kernick’s book, “Ultimatum”. From an initial paper brief to the final deliverables, the trailer was entirely done in-house: from production to post-production.

The fast-paced trailer was very well received by the fan community on Simon Kernick’s facebook web page. The video kick-started interactions between the author and his audience, garnered above +1300 likes and generated hundreds of supportive comments for the trailer and the book itself, with many users saying that the short promo triggered their desire to purchase the novel.

Additionally, it re-ignited a long running discussion between Simon Kernick and his fans wanting to see future films being made from his work. The quality of the promo and of its production, shot on the Alexa cinema camera, even gave some viewers the impression that a film had already been made.

Once edited, the promos, one for the web, one for television, were colour graded and finished in-house, including many FX shots that required compositing.

Tasks included:

• Production

• Direction

• Director of Photography

• Editing

• VFX & Motion Graphics

• Digital Colour Grading

• Deliverables

Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing and Digital Colour Grading 

Production: HYP Video / William H.W. Read

Post-Production: William H.W. Read

Client: Random House / HYP Video

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