Westfield 3-D Catwalk

Steps Ahead

Really Creative Media called Will Read to shoot and post-produce an experiential 3-D film. Westfield holds a bi-annual fashion show and in Spring 2012, the feature catwalk was chosen to be presented as a 3-D programme in custom built cinemas.

Shot on a dual RED Epic camera 3-D rig in glorious 5K, the programme was entirely edited and post-produced in-house. Will picked the RED Epics to get the best possible picture to highlight the details of the clothing, accessories and make-up. Having shot the promo, Will Read had the opportunity to edit it, do the colour grading, motion graphics and deliverables.

All in stereoscopic 3-D!

Tasks included:

•  Technical consulting

•  3-D cinematography and lighting

•  Editing

•  3-D online edit and colour grading

•  3-D motion graphics

•  Deliverables and on-site quality control

3-D Cinematography, Editing, Motion Graphics & Digital Colour Grading

Production: Really Creative Media

Post-Production: In-House / William H.W. Read

Format: Stereoscopic 3D Fashion Film

Camera: Dual Red Epic Digital Cinema, 5K

Producer / Director: Nick Dew

Director of Photography: William H.W. Read

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